El Bandito to undergo extensive refurb, and Santa Chupitos to close with a new concept opening in the venue

Liverpool bar Santa Chupitos , which was renowned for its $5 shakes, has closed after 13 years of trading.

Going into the venue is new concept Manolo, created by the owner of Salt Dog Slims, Nick Thomas, which will reflect a cocktail bar with expertly crafted Caribbean cocktails and reimagined classics, pristine glassware and extraordinary waited service from the experienced staff.

Bookings will be encouraged and walk-ins subject to availability.

The venue will undergo a full refurbishment which will see the space transformed for an entirely new speakeasy style bar concept that will open late this summer.

Next door, El Bandito is also undergoing an extensive refurb which will upgrade the interior spec. There will also be a new outdoor seating area and new cocktail menu with the venue reopening in August.

John Ennis, Director of Santa Chupitos, explained: “We’re really sad to see Santas go and have loved watching it evolve and welcome thousands of people since we opened in 2009. Since Covid, things have changed drastically for the hospitality industry – there’s been a huge shift in clientele and we recognised that Santas wasn’t trading the way it had done pre-Covid.

He added; “Santas will always be really special to GSG Hospitality as it was our first ever venue and the first independent cocktail bar in the city centre. It was the catalyst for others to open their own venues. But as times change, we’re always open to adapting and growing and it’s time for a new concept within the venue.”

John explained: “El Bandito was due an upgrade and we’re really excited to reopen Liverpool’s world famous tequileria this summer after a refurb, the introduction of outdoor seating and a new cocktail menu. This will give El Bandito another dimension, welcoming al fresco drinking and be a reminder for why El Bandito exists; to spread the good name of agave and that’s what it’ll continue to do.”

Nick Thomas, Director of Manolo, added: “Manolo will bring a fresh concept to the area with expertly crafted Caribbean-inspired cocktails, modern drinks, bar snacks and an entirely new aesthetic.”

He continued: “We have been working diligently behind the scenes for years now on some of the ideas and concepts that we want to bring into Manolo. From our lab-based projects and re-designed classic drinks, to what we believe makes a truly unique guest experience. We have, like many other operators spent much of the past year recovering from the effects of the pandemic, and I can’t wait too finally put our new ideas into practice.”