Matt Farrell

Co-founder & Executive Director

Worked in food and drink industry for over 15 years with a strong restaurant background. A Tourism graduate and now also a published travel writer, co-founder Matt Farrell manages the culinary and business aspects of Graffiti Spirits Group. Keen to elevate Liverpool as one of the UK’s leading hubs for gastronomic excitement and excellence, Matt is passionate about new trends, local produce, and offering locals and visitors the perfect balance between quality and cool.

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John Ennis

Co-founder & Executive Director

With a Masters in Fine Art as well as a world title for fastest bar tender, co-founder John Ennis is the drinks and design man at Graffiti Spirits Group. With a passion for rare spirits and an in-depth knowledge of drinks garnered from extensive research trips around the world, John oversees the innovative cocktails, enviable drinks collections, quirky trends and impeccable service that has become synonymous with Graffiti Spirits bars, both in Liverpool and London.

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Nick Thomas


Working in hospitality since the age of 17, Nick has over 20 years of experience in the industry. After working as a head bartender at several multi award-winning bars, and winning multiple cocktail competitions in the UK and internationally, Nick became business partners with John and Matt in late 2010, opening Salt Dog Slims together in 2012.

What Nick loves about the industry is the people - Whether it be those you work with that inspire you everyday, the guests you meet or those driving the industry’s creativity and passion from other venues, he finds inspiration from the people that make hospitality so special.

Nick’s passions outside of work include travel, football, hiking, snowboarding, art and cooking.

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John Douglas

Operations Manager

John, AKA Dougie, has been working in the hospitality industry for over 15 years, progressing from barback to where he is now as Operations Manager at GSG. His background in the industry is mainly bartending, until he progressed to a managerial role after learning about other aspects of hospitality by working on the floor and in the kitchen.

What made Dougie love the industry was meeting lots of new people day in and day out, and the challenges it can bring every day - no two days are ever the same in hospitality!

Outside of work, Dougie’s passion is supporting Liverpool FC, and being kept busy by his young son.

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Ian Hughes

Finance Director

Ian first joined GSG as a bartender in 2010, and worked his way up to his current position as Finance Director in 2016. He deals with everything from payroll to technical support, and managing supplier accounts to dealing with tax.

He first fell in love with hospitality when he was first introduced to a five dollar shake - some say it’s just a milkshake, but Ian thought it was pure genius and has been hooked ever since.

Ian loves to argue with himself, and play football and keep fit, as well as eating out at restaurants and going to GSG’s new site openings. According to Nick, Ian would “turn up to the opening of a crisp packet”.

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Kristie Palmer

Assistant Area Operations Manager

Kristie has loved GSG Hospitality ever since she moved to Liverpool - She said starting with the group who first captivated her has been a big ‘fan girl moment’!

No matter the environment, whether you’re crafting cocktails or putting together a fully orchestrated event, bringing your team together to deliver the best guest experience is what it’s all about for Kristie.

The hospitality industry influenced her so much she even named her cat after gin - make of that what you will!

When she’s not working, there’s nothing more that Kristie loves than to play hostess and have a full house, enjoying food and drinks with friends. Her only problem is having a flat when her Pinterest is full of dreamy kitchen / dining spaces. Next stop for Kristie - Georgian Quarter renovated townhouse!

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Abby-Leigh Caulfield

Head of Sales and Marketing

Abby is an experienced sales and marketing professional with over 10 years in the industry and a passion for all things hospitality.

After graduating from The University of Brighton, she moved to London to pursue a career in hospitality sales and marketing. Since then, she has been a Sales Manager in venues across London, ran her own pop-up bar and events company, and operated two pubs before taking the plunge to become a sales and marketing consultant in 2019.

As one of the newest recruits for Graffiti Spirits Group, Abby is excited to see the group grow and develop over the coming years. She thinks that the best thing about hospitality is the constant development of trends and innovations, as well as the people!

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Harry Mercer

Head of Coffee Operations

Harry has worked for GSG since 2016, starting as a barista in Bold Street Coffee and then taking a side step to help with Duke Street Market. He then took over the role of General Manager at Bold Street Coffee, leading him into his current position of Head of Coffee Operations.

His favourite thing about working in hospitality is the people you get to meet. Everyone comes together from different walks of life, bringing together a strong sense of community - he thinks it great to hear everyone’s own personal story.

Harry’s biggest achievement is making coffee for the entire cast of the Greatest Showman (even though he did have to listen to the soundtrack for 5 days straight!).

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Lee Bannon Smith

General Manager at Duke Street Market

After finishing a degree in Hospitality Management, Lee spent 9 years honing his skills with Living Ventures, working his way up from Duty Manager to Senior General Manager where he worked in multiple sites. He joined GSG in 2018 in preparation for Duke Street Market opening. Lee has been the General Manager at Duke Street Market since 2019.

Lee loves that no two days are the same in hospitality - every day brings new challenges, new guests to meet and speak to, and lots of opportunities to learn and develop.

Outside of work, Lee enjoys socialising and (trying to) play golf. Life is constantly changing and throwing new challenges towards Lee, especially with two dogs and a baby.

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Anne Murphy

Assistant Manager at Duke Street Market

Anne has worked within the hospitality sector for over 10 years, starting as a kitchen porter and working her way up to where she is now as Assistant Manager at Duke Street Market.

Anne loves to make people happy - When people come together for food, memories are being made and she loves knowing that she can be part of that experience by going the extra mile or helping meet people’s expectations.

In her spare time, she loves to keep fit in the gym or going on walks, and being outdoors and enjoying nature. She also wouldn’t say no to a glass of vino!

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